ZIM Day 8

This morning, we went through the skyway to get Ben. I’ve inserted a map to show the route we took. We figured this was the best way to go. There is also a tunnel that goes under the courthouse, but I worry about what could be down there.

We left first thing this morning. All five of us went into the skyway after we blocked off the entrance back into our building. I figure it took two of us to slide the bookshelf in front of the door. These things aren’t smart enough to work together to slide it out. The first section of skyway goes around the Gateway parking ramp. We could see the ghouls wandering around in the ramp, but we were able to sneak by them without being seen. In the next bridge, which actually goes for a block into the Wells Fargo building, we encountered a few of these things. One of them was right by the entrance; she was laying face down on the ground. It looked like something had eaten her legs. As the legless woman crawled toward us, Andrew shot her square in the face.

The other two started shambling down the corridor in our direction as soon as they heard the sound. They were slow enough, so we weren’t in any danger. Steffanie and Stephanie shot them down easily. I was a little worried that others would hear us and head in our direction.

Getting through the Wells Fargo building and the next one was pretty easy. There were only three more and they were in pretty bad shape already. We finally made it into the Towle building. Directly across the street from Shiek’s. This building has a wide open area on the first floor. The area was clear, but there were still a lot of ghouls outside. The doors must be locked or at least strong enough to hold them out. The plan was to put up a sign in the window to let Ben know when we were coming. We were going to open the doors and start firing at the crowd to draw them away from Shiek’s. Then Ben and his group would run across the street and we would shut and lock the doors before anything could get in. It wasn’t quite that easy.

We were able to unlock the doors and put up the sign. We waited for the longest two minutes of my life. Finally, Ben waved some sort of flag in the window.

Pete and I opened the first set of doors and started firing into the crowd. They started shambling toward us. We hit a few, but were lucky that they were so slow. Ben, two girls, and another guy came out of Shiek’s. I guess that was Derrick. They started running over, but one of the ghouls lying on the ground reached up and grabbed his ankle. It was just enough to cause him to trip. He was able to catch himself and started to get up. He was standing right in front of one of a man in a leather jacket. The guy grabbed him by the arm and tore it clean off. You could hear the bones snap over Derrick’s scream. Then the one on the ground bit him in the leg. Within second they were all over him.

Ben and the others were halfway across the street when we saw it. Some sort of an armored military vehicle came flying down the street. Whoever was driving must have seen that Ben and the others were still alive and swerved just in time to miss them. The problem was that it ran into the front of the strip club. Four guys got out and started firing wildly into the crowd of monsters. The first two took off across the street and were attacked. They were overwhelmed by about twenty of these things and went down screaming. Just before they fell, their weapons clattered to the ground about five feet in front of Steffanie and Andrew.

Andrew picked up some sort of assault rifle and started firing. Steffanie picked up the other weapon. Then I realized that the other two guys were still fighting across the street.

The first one was dressed in kind of a leather jacket, jeans, and was wearing a dark red bandana. He had brownish hair and a full beard. He was killing these things with some sort of blade that looked like a machete. Just as I looked over, he kicked one square in the face so hard you could hear his skull shatter. It dropped instantly.

The other one was wearing a long trench coat that looked like something out of an old western. He looked a little older and was mostly bald. He had two shiny revolvers in his hands and a third still on his belt. It looked like he had some sort of a rifle hanging from one of his shoulder. This guy was making quick work of the ghouls. He was switching guns and spinning them in and out of the holsters faster than I’ve ever seen.

I glanced over and saw that there were three dead people coming right at me. I fired, but I was completely out of ammo. The first one was on me in seconds, the smell made my eyes water. Just as he grabbed me, he went limp and fell to the ground. That’s when I noticed that he’d been hit in the back of the head with the first guy’s machete. I yanked the blade out of his skull and decapitated the other two easily.

The two guys from the car ran over to us, but just before they got there we noticed that there were about fifty of them closing quickly. Just then there was a huge explosion in the middle of the crowd. I looked over to see Steffanie firing a grenade launcher. This just went from crazy to ridiculous.

We got inside quickly and made our way back into the skyway. As we stopped to rest for a second I looked back at the two newcomers to our little group.
“Who are you guys anyway?”
The first guy said, “My name is Chuck and this old guy is BW”.

Chapter 9

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