ZIM Day 34

We packed up what few supplies we had left and got ready to go. There wasn’t a lot of ammo and almost no food left. I didn’t expect to make it back to the office. We each only had one or two weapons to protect us, but we were ready for anything. It was getting cold out, so we had to dress warm. Osiris packed up his laptop, but left the main computers still running.

“So, where are we going before the tower?”

Osiris looked up and answered, “Before all of this happened, I had a brother that owned the Army Navy Surplus store down on first ave. Most of the stuff there was junk, but he kept the good stuff in the basement. We are going to need a lot of firepower to get out of this alive.”

“First Ave? That’s halfway across downtown. How are we ever going to make it there with all of the dead outside? We don’t have skyway access any more thanks to Steffanie and the streets are packed with them.”

Ben walked up, “I don’t think they will be much of a problem anymore.”


He pointed to the window and I looked down at the streets below. The dead were gone, most of them anyways. There were only a few scattered about. Mostly, the ones who couldn’t walk or were rotting away pretty badly.

“Where did they all go?”

Just then, Stephanie and Jeff came into the room, “They have been slowly moving away all morning. They all seem to be headed in the same direction, south. There must be something attracting them.”

“More people?”

“I don’t know, but it’s gotta be something.”

I had forgotten that BW was there when he spoke up, “The way I see it, is that we have a break and we need to go now before they come back. I want to get this over with as soon as possible.”

We all agreed. The group finished packing and we picked up our weapons and packs. I checked my guns to make sure that they were fully loaded. I put them away and made sure I still had my machete. I had a feeling that it was going to see some action very soon.

We quickly headed downstairs and checked everything one last time. We decided that it would be best to lock the doors just incase we did need to fall back to the office. Then everyone stepped outside. I was the last. Just before I left, I silently said goodbye to the only safe place in the city.

Chapter 35

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