ZIM Day 47

The dead outside stopped attacking the troops in unison. They just stood there, completely still. The monsters stopped and waited for something. They waited for instruction. I knew he was controlling them. Somehow they all seemed to work as one. Almost as if they were just smaller parts of a much bigger organism.

Then the attacked as one. Wave after wave of the dead charged at the living. It was the most organized army in the world. Every soldier was a part of the same consciousness. He had complete control over the masses. He drove them into the middle of the living troops. They tore through the lines. The dead didn’t act as they had before. Before, they were just individual creatures, each with its own goal. The dead used to hunger for the living, but now they just killed. There was no need to feed. They were under his control now.

The corpses were mowed down by bullets. One right after another, they would fall to the ground. But they were almost instantly replaced by another. For every living person that was killed, at least five of the dead were gunned down, but it wasn’t enough. The dead severely outnumbered the living. It was only a matter of minutes before it became hopeless.

The whole scene was a mess. What had once been a battlefield quickly became a graveyard. Most of the soldiers who were still alive scattered across the city. They ran for their lives. There was barely anything left. The dead chased them out of sight.

I noticed that the dead seemed to be congregating around something. They were all just standing around one of the black vehicles that I saw earlier. The dead just stood there staring at it. The rest of the living were gone now. The only thing that remained was this one vehicle. The others were either on fire or destroyed. There was no more gunfire. There were no more screams, just the silence of the dead.

One of the dead stood next to the driver side window and pointed forward. He pointed for the truck to head in our direction. The dead parted in the street and allowed the truck to move forward through the crowd. It was very slow, but obviously there was someone still alive enough to drive the thing.

It inched its way down the street. The dead would only give it enough room to move ahead a few feet at a time. I can’t even imagine what the driver was thinking. I watched as it made its way all the up to the IDS tower and stopped in the road. The door opened and the dead grabbed the man who stepped out. They opened the back end and pulled out a big crate. I had no idea what was inside.

“What the hell are you doing?”

The other me said, “You’ll see soon enough.”

Chapter 48

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