ZIM Day 60

“You didn’t think you’d be rid of me that easily, did you?”

It was him or me or whatever. My other self. I was back on top of the IDS tower, except the room was empty. It was extremely bright in the room, the sun was blazing through the windows.

“You thought you could just kill me. Didn’t you realize I was already dead? Didn’t you realize that I would have already thought of that? Remember that the only reason you are here is because of me? Remember that the only reason I made was you was because I needed a body, a living body? I figured you’d be smarter than that.”

I thought back. I thought about when he shot me. He hit me with a tranquilizer dart, but I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t even get drowsy.

“Ahh, you get it yet? That dart, it wasn’t to kill you. It was to let me live again. I injected the nanomachines directly into you. I injected the ones from my very own blood, the ones that kept me alive and thinking. You see, it wasn’t my rotting corpse that kept me going, it was the machines. And now they are part of you. Now I’m part of you.”

“No, you asshole. You can’t win. I’ll kill myself before I let you take control.”

“Good luck with that.”

He just started laughing and I blinked. I was sitting on the car again with Rory. He was just staring at me. He looked scared out of his mind. I looked back at the dead, they were just standing there. I looked back at Rory.

“You have to get out of here, now! Just get all the weapons you can carry and get as far from this place as possible.”

He looked stunned, “What? You have to come too. I don’t know where to go. Is there anybody else even alive out there?”

“Just go. Go as fast as you can. I can’t really explain, but my other self is going to be back and soon. He won’t be happy. You’ll be the only one around and he’ll kill you for sure.”

He stammered, “But, but…”

“Go now or I’ll kill you myself.”

He looked up, seeming to understand, “Okay. It’s been good knowing you man. Good luck.”

He left. I sat on the car and watched as he walked off into the distance. He was out of sight in a moment or two. I just sat there, watching the sun come up. My army of dead stood there and did the same thing, only because I made them. I watched as it came up over the buildings to the east. The storm had finally ended. It was going to be a beautiful morning.

I reached into my coat and drew my pistol. I checked to make sure it was loaded. There was only one bullet left. I cocked it and raised it to my temple. I watched the brilliant light of the sun as it cut through the clouds. It was nice to feel the warmth of the sun. I pulled the trigger.

The gun fired, but I didn’t die. I realized that I wasn’t aiming at myself anymore. I had fired into the sky. I didn’t have control of my arm anymore. I dropped the gun and stood up. I looked at the dead and smiled.

There was no me anymore, there wasn’t even a him. There was just us. I didn’t fight it anymore. He didn’t fight either. We just were. We were one person again, the good and the evil mixed together. Everything finally made sense.

I laughed as I watched the dead pick up their weapons and get into formation. The brilliant sun flooded the city with a bright orange glow. I could feel the warmth of the sun and among the dead, I felt truly alive.

I drew my sword and smiled. I had an army to lead.


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