ZIM Day 15

“Ben what the hell happened?”

“We’ll we took off in the truck, leading them away from the building so you guys could get to the Carlyle safely. I led them around a few streets while Steffanie and Jeff cleared a path with gun fire. It was working pretty well, actually. They seemed to be following us and weren’t able to attack the truck. We led them halfway across downtown, but then I thought it would be best if we started circling around so we would be able to get back in time.

As we circled back, we ran into more and more of them. It was getting hard to get through the crowds, so Steffanie started using the grenade launcher to clear the way. She was blowing a hell of a path through these things. They kept coming though. I think we attracted every one in the city. We pulled onto one of the streets and were just completely surrounded. They were closing in from all sides and I knew we couldn’t get through.

I didn’t know what to do, so I pulled into one of the parking garages, hoping that we could lose them for a minute or two. They started following us so we went up the ramp to the very top. The roof was clear, but we knew it wouldn’t be for long. Jeff saw a big propane truck parked near the ramp. We put it in neutral and managed to roll it down a floor so we could wedge it in front of the entrance to the roof. The dead kept coming though. They were just climbing over it.

We didn’t have a better idea, so Steffanie fired a grenade into the side of it. The thing erupted in the biggest explosion I’ve ever seen. That was what you guys just saw a minute ago. It managed to collapse part of the roof and block the way up. Problem is, now we’re stuck up here. Every couple of seconds, I hear something else collapsing below. We must have fucked up the support beams or something.

You guys gotta figure out a way to get us out and fast. I don’t know how much longer this thing will stay together.”

“Ben, hold tight. We’ll find a way to get you on the way back. We have to do whatever the hell these guys want us to do up here first though.”

“I hear ya, but hurry up.”

“Talk to you in a bit.”

I told Chuck and BW what happened, but they didn’t seem to care much. They were just completely focused on their mission.

We quickly reloaded our weapons and got ready to go up. It was odd how quiet it was in this building. Even though I knew there were thousands of corpses ready to break in and have dinner. BW pulled out two of his revolvers and motioned to the door to the stairwell. I drew one of my pistols with my left and the machete with my right. Stephanie steadied her rifle as Chuck silently opened the door.

I held my breath, expecting something horrible to burst out and kill us. Nothing happened. There was no sound as we stepped into the stairwell. Just our luck, it was pitch black inside.

Chapter 16

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