ZIM Day 44

The elevator abruptly stopped at the top floor of the IDS building. The music ended and the doors opened with the familiar “ding”. The entire floor was one big room. It was empty except for three long rows of large black boxes. I could see that it was raining outside. Pouring in fact. There was no sound in the room except the nervous breathing of the group. BW, Chuck, Stephanie, and I stepped out into the empty room.

As I stepped into the room, an alarm sounded. I was confused by the blaring siren, and to my horror, realized what the boxes were for. They all sprung open at once. Fresh corpses began to crawl out of the boxes. The monsters quickly saw us and came right at the group. They were fresh, almost as if they had just died, and were much faster than the others outside. There had to be at least fifty of them in the room, probably more.

Gunfire erupted as they stumbled towards us. We started killing them as fast as we could. The bullets were whizzing through the air. They kept getting closer even though we were blasting our way through. I was slicing through their skulls with my sword with ease, but I could see right away that there were too many of them. BW was taking them out with his guns like it was nothing. Chuck had his blades and was carving them to bits. Stephanie was blowing them away faster than I could count.

Then a few of them got close enough to bite. I dodged out of the way and shoved Stephanie in BW’s direction. He caught her and pulled her out of the way. There were too many of them at once. I was surrounded by myself. I could see the others across the room fighting the dead, but couldn’t get to them. A ghoul grabbed me and I turned, slicing through its neck before it could bite down. There must have been more boxes than I though because they kept coming.

The others were surrounded. I was fighting my way through as fast as I could, but kept getting tripped up by the hungry dead. It seemed like the room was full of them. There was nowhere to go. I cut another one down and blew another’s rotting brains out. Then another grabbed me and I kicked his skull in. I was confused, but kept fighting. I had no idea where the others were now. I managed to fight myself to the far wall, but there were always more and more of them.

I slashed through one and then another and then another. There was blood and gore everywhere. I could smell it all around me, the smell of death was overwhelming. I kicked ones head in and shot another one when something grabbed me from behind. I turned; ready to cut its head off when I realized it was Osiris. He pulled my arm and just before another one was on us, he pulled me into an open doorway. I didn’t even know the door was there.

He slammed the door shut and locked it behind us. We were in a dark stairway. Thankfully, there were no dead in here. We quickly ran up the stairs to another doorway.

He looked at me, “You still have the key, right?”

“Yeah, here”

I handed it to him and he snatched out of my hand.

He looked scared, “This is it Lee. We can stop all of this. The end is just on the other side of this door. Are you ready?”

Chapter 45

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