ZIM Day 7

Sorry about missing the past few days. It has been pretty crazy. The internet has been in and out over the past few days. I hope it stays on long enough for me to get this in.

We were able to secure the whole building pretty easily. There were only a few of them on the other floors. I guess we were lucky that it happened before most people got to work in the morning. We were able to move all of the food we could find off of the first floor. The first floor is somewhat secure, but with all of the windows we couldn’t be sure of it. We just blocked off the stairways to the second floor so that nothing could get up.

Ben is still doing alright down the street. We are going to try to see how close we can get to him in the skyway tomorrow morning. Hopefully we can get within one block of their location. It would be decently safe to try to move them if we can keep them off the street as much as possible.

There are more and more of these things on the streets everyday. It’s like their drawn to the city for some reason. Sadly, I think it may be that they are moving to their food source. Obviously, there were more people down here and they must be able to smell living people or something.

We found a few more handguns and another shotgun on some of the other floors. There were a few other police officers that were carrying them. They were also carrying their radios. I haven’t been able to contact anyone else with them, but at least we have a way to communicate between each other in the building. There is plenty of food to keep us going for another few weeks at least. The power is still on and the internet at least works some of the time. There is still no news on the TV. I think we are pretty safe for now. The barricades downstairs seem strong enough to keep them out. We are trying to stay quiet though so they won’t be attracted to the building.

Steffanie and Andrew put together some makeshift beds with some blankets and chair cushions. We have been sleeping in shifts at night. A couple of us keep watch out of the windows on the second floor. Also, this way we’ll be able to know if something gets past the barricades in the staircases.

I still haven’t been sleeping well. The dreams get more and more vivid every night. Some of the dreams involve me running from these things. In some of the others I just watch from afar. I almost feel like I’m watching them attack people around the country. Every morning, I wake up with a splitting headache and never actually feel rested. It’s very strange. I hope these dreams end soon.

I saw on another person’s message board that the military is moving into the area. It says they may try to set up a makeshift base somewhere in the city. Hopefully we can get in touch with them when they get here. I don’t know if they can get past the hordes of the dead outside.

I will get back to you tomorrow. We are going to try to get Ben in the morning. Goodnight.

Chapter 8

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