ZIM Day 22

It’s been about three weeks since everything that happened at the Carlyle. We’ve been holed up in the office while everyone’s wounds healed. Andrew’s leg is getting much better. He can walk pretty well with just a cane now. Everyone else’s cuts and bruises are mostly gone. I’m feeling much better, but have some pretty crazy scars from the crash. Everyone seems to be doing well, but we are ready to get out of here. I’m not sure how soon that will happen though.

We still have the occasional attack. Every so often one of them finds a way through the barricade on the first floor. We have a good watch system and are able to kill them off and board everything back up again quickly. We always have at least three people patrolling the first and second floors. They are in contact with two others up here by radio the entire time. Everybody else tries to get some sleep while not on watch.

We’ve managed to move every scrap of food in the two buildings up to our floor. There isn’t much left. We’re planning on looking for a new supply soon. We are rationing it well, but everyone is hungry.

The dead are increasing. They keep coming from who knows where. From the rooftop, we can see them for miles. Most of them are just slowly limping in our direction, others are just standing around. There must not be much food for them. I know they’ll never give up though.

We opened the case from the Carlyle. There is some kind of keycard thing that looks like a cell phone or GPS computer. I’m not really sure what it’s for, but they say that it is what we need to get into the IDS tower.

I guess BW and Chuck have been in contact with their superiors via the internet. They are planning our next move as I write this. Apparently, the next ‘point of interest’ is in one of the government buildings downtown. They haven’t said what it is yet, but I guess it’s something else we have to retrieve.

The military jets and helicopters have been flying over more and more often. We’ve given up trying to get their attention. There is a mission for us to complete. I don’t know what it is, but I hope that it will mean the end of this horrible nightmare. I wonder if we’ll ever have a normal life again. The endless horde of dead outside reminds me that nothing will ever be normal again.

I’ve spoken to the others and they all seem to believe that there is an end to this. I do know that there will be an end, but I worry that it will be our deaths. If it is, I hope that someone survives and reads this. At least someone will know what we did here. They will know that we tried to do something about it. I’d be happy with a hot meal and a warm bed to sleep in. Hopefully, I’ll live long enough to get that.

Tomorrow, we begin our next objective. Goodnight.

Chapter 23

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