ZIM Day 48

I didn’t know what was going on, but just then, the door to the roof burst open. BW, Chuck, and Stephanie were shoved into the room by their rotting captives. They stumbled in looking completely confused. They stood there staring in awe at me and my dead self.

BW yelled, “What the hell is going on? Why didn’t those things kill us? Who the fuck is this guy?”

My dead self looked right at him, “We’ve got a few minutes before they get upstairs. Why don’t we have some fun, Osiris.”

Osiris laughed, “My pleasure.”

He quickly drew a gun from under his coat and shot BW square in the back. BW went down in an instant. He was dead before he hit the ground.

“Just watch.”


BW slowly got back up off the ground. He stood there with the same blank expression as the rest of the dead. Drool dripped down his shirt and he just stared at us. He was one of the dead now. Chuck stepped forward, ready to attack Osiris.

“You see, I can control everything they do. I barely even have to try. They just do whatever I tell them to. Now. Kill him.”

BW lunged at Chuck. He missed by only inches as Chuck dodged to the left. He dove to the ground and rolled out of BW’s reach. The dead BW simply got up and tried again. This time he came closer, but still missed.

“Now watch, I can do more than this. I can control his every movement.”

BW stopped lunging clumsily and steadied himself. He raised his fists and crouched in a fighting stance. He stepped left and then back right, landing a quick punch on Chuck’s face. Chuck recoiled, but countered with two punches to BW’s stomach. BW was just as agile as he was when he was alive.

“They are much faster when they are fresh. He can fight as if he was still alive.”

BW kicked and missed Chuck, but landed another punch to the face. They fought back and forth across the room. Chuck versus the dead BW. Chuck would attack and BW would counter perfectly. I couldn’t believe that a dead man could fight like that. BW stopped again.

“Well, I’m bored. Let’s have a little more fun with this.”

BW reached down and pulled a knife out of his boot. He lunged at Chuck with the knife, stabbing him in the stomach. Chuck almost fell, but caught himself on BW’s coat. With his last bit of strength, he kicked BW in the face and threw him across the room. For a moment, Chuck stood there clutching his wound. Then he charged at BW, kicking him again and grabbing him by the neck. Chuck swung him around and threw him across the room.

BW crashed into Stephanie and she fought to get him off of her. Chuck came up again and kicked BW to the ground. BW attacked again, almost stabbing Chuck. They traded blows and Chuck kicked him in the face again. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but Chuck flipped. He charged BW. I thought they were both going to go off the roof at once, but at the last second Chuck caught the edge and sent BW falling to the ground.

BW went off the side of the building in what seemed like slow motion. Chuck tried to get up, but collapsed to the ground. The dead version of me was sadistically applauding.

Chapter 49

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