ZIM Day 52

Our swords hit head on. They clanged into each other and I stepped back and swung low at his legs. He countered and attacked high. I blocked the attack and stepped right. He came right after me though. Our swords met again and again. He stepped back for a second.

“Just give up. We have to do this. If we both die, there will be nobody to control the dead. They’ll just roam forever. There won’t be any living left to save.”

“Fine then, give me the sword. I’ll do it. Anything’s better than a sadistic asshole like you running the world.”

He lunged again. I hit his sword as he came at me, driving him back. I came down hard and swung at him from above. He rolled out of the way and I missed. I turned to my right and stabbed at him. He blocked it and swung at my feet. I just barely jumped over the blade and swung at him again.

“I’m better than you. I always will be. I created you. Now just stop and it’ll all be over.”

“It’s already over. I’m just going to kill you for starting this whole thing. You created the dead, you deserve to join them.”

I sliced at his face, but he ducked just in time. He spun around and I felt his sword slice into my side. The cold steel seemed to burn through my skin. I was stunned for a second, the cut in my side making me wince with pain. I attacked again. Our swords clashed, sparks flew for an instant. I was close enough to see that even his eyes were exactly the same as mine. Just colder.

“I’m going to take your body and set off this bomb. I’ll destroy the city. I’ll destroy the world. I’m going to rebuild the world how I want it, ruled by me and my dead army. We’ll be unstoppable.”

“You haven’t beaten me yet.”

I sliced at him and just barely caught his throat with the tip of my blade. Black blood oozed out down his shirt. He just laughed and lunged again. Our blades met in the middle. He swung again and again. I blocked the attacks left and right. I shoved him back and kicked him in the chest. He tumbled back.

“You see I’m already dead. You can’t stop me. Now stop fighting before you hurt yourself. I don’t want to be walking around with a broken leg or anything after I beat you.”

“I’ll fight you to the death. I’ve got nothing to lose now. Everybody I know is dead or dying. You’re gonna have to kill me to beat me.”

I attacked again with all my strength. I stabbed him in the heart. He didn’t even flinch. I jerked back on the sword, but it was too late. He stabbed me in the leg with a knife and I went down hard. The pain screamed through my body. I hit the ground face first.

I could hear him laughing again.

Chapter 53

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