ZIM Day 54

The driver from the military truck and Stephanie helped get my leg patched up. I lost a lot of blood, but was still able to walk. I checked the monitors again and saw the others downstairs. They were dead, but sadly back up and walking around. We were the only living people left in the building.

The guy in the leather jacket looked at me, “Are you Lee?”

I figured he must have heard Stephanie or Chuck say my name earlier.

“Yeah, that’s me.”

He laughed, “I can’t believe you’re still alive. I’m Rory, the guy you were emailing right after all of this started. I was the guy stuck in the Ole Piper Inn south of the city.”

“Holy shit, I figured you ended up one of them. I hadn’t heard from ya in forever. How did you end up in this mess?”

Rory said, “Well, it’s a long story, but I finally ended up getting in touch with my brother from Ft. McCoy. He saved us just in time. Our barricades were trashed and we were surrounded by the dead. We were about to make a run for it and he pulled up in a frickin tank. The dog and I were the only ones to make it inside before the dead tore the others apart.

We tried to find a place to go, but ended up just roaming the streets in the tank to stay away from the dead. Eventually, we ran out of gas. We were surrounded by dead. We made a run for it and I was able to climb up on top of a gas station. The others weren’t so lucky. They tried to barricade themselves in a store across the street, but it didn’t work. The dead got in and attacked them; my brother managed to get away and ran toward my gas station. He was about twenty feet away when I saw that he was bitten. I shot him before he climbed up. Worst thing I ever had to do man.

I was on the run for a few days, mostly sticking to the rooftops when I ran into what was left of the ARMY and National Guard. They were recruiting, so I joined up. It’s kept me alive this long.”

“I’m sorry man. I still can’t believe you made it out. Is there anybody left alive out there? Do you have any way to contact them?”

He shook his head, “The whole group was killed or ran off, I don’t have a radio, but who knows? There may be a way to get in touch with them. There were reinforcements on the way, but I don’t know how far off they were. Oh shit…

He said that he needed the bomb to make these things strong or something right?”

“Yeah, obviously he won’t be doing that now.”

Rory looked nervous, “He won’t, but if the reinforcements get here they will. They think it’s the only way to stop this. They figured out that this all started here and figure that there must be a source or something. There’s another bomb out there in the city and if they get to it, they’ll blow it.”

“Then were all screwed.”

Chapter 55

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