ZIM Day 28

Osiris quickly hobbled across the lab. We followed close behind as he rounded a corner down one of the hallways. I was confused because we were heading away from the elevator and our way out.

“How are we supposed to get out of here? Most of us are out of ammo and there are probably a couple hundred ghouls up there in the tunnel.”

“Just shut up and follow me.”

He turned another corner and I followed. He was surprisingly quick despite the limp.

He looked back while we moved down the hall, “I’m guessing you guys have some sort of a safe house, right? Where is it?”

“We’ve been staying in the Grain Exchange. It’s barricaded and should keep us safe for awhile.”

“Good, that will work just fine. We won’t be there long anyways.”

He side stepped into an office and gestured for us to follow. The office was filled with about ten black suitcases and the wall had a large flat screen display on the wall. Next to it was a small keyboard.

“I’ve been down here this long; obviously I had an escape plan. I just needed help. If I would have gone out on my own I would have never made it.”

“What are all of these cases for?”

“My equipment. We have to carry them out. I need this stuff to stop the outbreak. We won’t have much time, but we should be able to make it.”

He switched on the monitor on the wall. It was made up of many smaller screens. Each showed a different picture of the building upstairs and the surrounding streets. He started typing something then looked back at us.

“You guys ready?”

We picked up all of the bags, not knowing what to expect yet. He hit a key and we were blasted with music. Led Zeppelin was playing so loudly I couldn’t even think. He just laughed and I looked at the screen. The dead out on the street went crazy. They just started attacking the building, climbing over one another to get closer to the sound. They were moving faster than I’ve ever seen.

“That should distract them for awhile.”

He typed something else in and the screen turned red. Then it showed some numbers. We had an hour.

Osiris tore off down the hallway, then another, then through a large metal door that he had to open with a key card. We hastily followed, lugging the bags through the tunnel. This tunnel was constructed of plain concrete and led us even farther into the earth. We moved as quickly as possible. There were fewer lights in here and I had to strain just to see him hobbling along in front of us.

We were led farther and farther for what seemed like hours, but I knew was only a few minutes. After about twenty minutes Osiris stopped dead in his tracks. I almost crashed right into him because I couldn’t see a thing in the gloom.

“This way.”

His eyes seemed to glow in the badly lit room. Then he turned right and disappeared up a steep spiral staircase.

Chapter 29

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