ZIM Day 25

I drew the weapon and in one sweeping upward arc, split the closest corpse’s head in two. Then I put it through the next one and then another’s. The metal tore through the next’s neck, leaving nothing but a bloody stump. I sliced the top half of the skull of the next one clean off. I was cutting through them left and right. I’d lost it. I just kept hacking away. One right after another, they couldn’t come fast enough for me.

Chuck joined in, slicing and dicing everything that moved. The others started to beat their heads in with the butts of their weapons. Ben was just pummeling the hell out of one’s face with his bare knuckles. We smashed through them even faster than with guns. Nothing made sense anymore, just the undeniable need to get through and survive. There was no stopping us. We only had a few more feet to go and were carving our way through as quickly as possible.

I could see the door as I cut one of the dead straight down the middle of its skull. I could feel the steel scrape against bone as its legs gave way and its body crumpled to the ground. With wild, crazed eyes I stared around the room at the carnage that surrounded me. BW was hitting them with the butts of his revolvers. Ben was madly stomping the skull of a man in a janitor’s uniform. Steffanie was swinging the end of her machine gun back and forth, knocking them back. Chuck was kicking one to the floor while decapitating another. Stephanie had a woman in a pink dress pinned against the wall with her foot as she drove the butt of her rifle into its nose. The girls were wildly kicking a man in shorts that had fallen to the ground.

A corpse in a police uniform grabbed my ankle and I tripped, falling onto the floor. I was laying face down trying to scramble away. I rolled to the side and turned, just in time to avoid its jaws. I stuck my blade through its temple and rose to my knees. Another one dove on top of me. Its foul breath filled my lungs as it reached to chew my face off. Just before its teeth sunk into my cheek, it went limp. I shoved it off as Chuck pulled his blade from the thing’s skull.

BW made it to the door first. He didn’t open it, but just kept fighting. Ben yanked the door open and the girls followed. I sliced another one’s head open and stepped through, closely followed by Chuck. BW stepped in and slammed the door shut behind him. The dead were pounding furiously at the steel door as he jammed a rifle behind the handles. Luckily, it held. At least for now.

The power was still on and the fluorescent lighting was blinding after being in the dim tunnel for so long. I couldn’t see at first and crashed right into somebody. Fearing the worst, I jumped back and almost took Stephanie’s head off. As my vision cleared I realized that the basement of the city hall was empty. There were no signs of ghouls or anything.

BW and Chuck led the way to the elevators. We all stepped in quickly. Nobody knew how long the doors would hold. As the elevator doors closed, I noticed that it didn’t go down any farther than we already were. Before I could say anything about it, BW pulled a key chain from inside of his jacket. He quickly inserted it into the fireman’s key hole, but then the elevator lights went out.

In the darkness BW said, “That wasn’t supposed to happen, what the hell.”

Then a screen came on to the right of the door. At first, just ten numbers came up. Zero through nine. I had no idea what was going on. Then some words appeared. It was a simple question, but I had no idea what to make of it, at first.

Enter a ten digit number that fits the following:

The first digit represents the number of 0's in the number

The second digit represents the number of 1's in the number
The third digit represents the number of 2's in the number
The fourth digit represents the number of 3's in the number
The fifth digit represents the number of 4's in the number
The sixth digit represents the number of 5's in the number
The seventh digit represents the number of 6's in the number
The eight digit represents the number of 7's in the number
The ninth digit represents the number of 8's in the number
The tenth digit represents the number of 9's in the number

We all froze at this. Then more text followed.

You have three attempts. If you enter the wrong number three times, the elevator will drop twenty floors down. Good Luck. :)

Chapter 26

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