ZIM Day 49

BW was gone, Chuck was either dead or close, and Stephanie looked to be hurt. The door burst open again. This time more rotting corpses came in carrying a box. They also brought the driver in. I recognized him from my weird dream. He was the same guy from before with the leather jacket and sunglasses.

They carried the box in and set it at our feet. They threw the driver to the ground and he laid there unmoving.

“Well, I’ve had enough fun. How about we get down to business.”

“What do you want? You already have the sword. There’s nothing to stop you.”

“Well, you see there is a problem with this army of dead that I’ve created. They are pretty easy to kill. Plus they have that whole rotting away thing. Even if I do control them, it won’t be very long before they just fall apart. Luckily, there’s a way to get the nanomachines to keep them around a bit longer. Unfortunately, that involves destroying a lot of them. You see, if the robots inside the dead are exposed to radiation they can reach their full potential.

The machines, when radioactive, make the dead unstoppable. They transform from the dead you see here to monsters you couldn’t even imagine. There would be no stopping me. I could control the world. All I have to do is expose them and I’ll be unstoppable.

Inside this box is the government’s feeble attempt at stopping me. Too bad they didn’t realize what it would really do. They really thought that they could nuke their problems away. Quite an idea, but I planned for that. I will set this bomb off myself and rebuild the world my way.”

“You’re insane. You’ll kill yourself doing it. What’s the point?”

“Luckily, they were also nice enough to bring me a helicopter to get away just in time. I’ll be long gone before it goes off. I’ll be on my way with my army of the dead to set off the next bomb. I’ll keep going until the world is almost completely overrun with the new and improved dead. Then, I’ll start again. I’ll allow the living to rebuild their world. I’ll let them rebuild it in my image.”

“They’ll never follow you. They’ll fight till the end. What does it matter anyways? You’ll still be just another fucking corpse.”

“Actually, that’s where you come in. I still need a living body.”

Chapter 50

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