ZIM Day 9

“Nice to meet you guys, what are you doing here?”
“We’ll have time to talk later; do you have a secure place to hide out?”
“Yeah, follow me.”

We made our way back through the skyway. There was nothing in our way up to the Wells Fargo building. We quietly entered the long skyway back to the garage. When we made it about halfway through we heard a crash. There were two ghouls at the door behind us and had just broken through the glass. Then we looked ahead to see about fifteen of them piling through the door from the garage. The few of us that still had ammo started firing. They were dropping like flies, but more kept coming in. I looked back to see that there was a crowd of them trying to get in behind us.

They kept coming; no matter how many we killed. They were still a good ten yards away when Steffanie hit tem with the grenade launcher. I watched in shock as they roasted in the flames, but then the sky bridge started to sway. It started falling at the far end first, but it kept dropping. The section directly in front of us dropped to the ground and it stopped moving. We were standing just feet away from the open air. We looked back, only to see the whole skyway crawling with monsters. There was no way we could fight our way back. We all jumped down. As we landed, I heard an awful snap and looked over to see Andrew on the ground. His leg was shattered.

Another crowd was slowly shuffling towards us quickly. Stephanie picked up Andrew’s weapon and started firing into the crowd. With ease, Chuck picked up Andy and slung him over his shoulders. The group started running toward the Grain Exchange. Hopefully we could get back and make our way through the barricades before they caught us. BW was firing rounds into the heads of the undead people left and right. I swear I never even saw him reload. The rest of the group took out as many as they could before running out of bullets. I split the skull of any thing that got within my reach.

When we rounded the corner, I saw that there were about a hundred of them just standing in front of the entrance to our building. The only one of us who seemed to have any bullets, BW, didn’t fire. I realized why. None of the dead were facing us. They all just seemed to be staring into the building.

We quietly snuck around the other side of the building where the entrance to the parking garage was. The group entered quietly and went upstairs. Ben and I were able to move the file cabinet out of the way and get inside before anything attacked.

Chuck was able to fix up Andrew’s leg as best as possible. We made sure that all of the barricades were still strong and settled in for the night. Just as I started to drift off to sleep, I heard something start to pound on the doors downstairs. I was just too tired to worry about it and every thing faded to black.

I’m sitting at a little bar in north east Minneapolis, just down the road from my apartment. The sun is shining and I’m out on the patio enjoying a Summit. I must be alone because there is only one drink on the table. The waitress brings me another beer and I sit back, basking in the warm afternoon. There are no dead people wandering around and I wonder if I had just been daydreaming.

I looked down at my watch. It is four o’clock sharp. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed a number that I knew by heart. It rang twice and then I heard someone pick up.

I said, “I have a package to be delivered.”

A dry voice answered, “I’m listening…”

Chapter 10

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