ZIM Day 3

Sorry about missing the post yesterday. The past day has been a mess of one insane occurrence after another. Last night, after my last post, I went into the office where we had Rhonda lay down. She had fallen violently ill and then died. Or so we thought. A few minutes after she stopped breathing; we were in the hallway and heard some sort of a moan and footsteps coming from the room. I looked into the office and she was standing in the middle of the room. Her eyes were glossed over and when she opened her mouth a long glob of brown drool poured out onto her sweater.

Then she seemed to notice me standing there. She reached out and started shuffling towards me. Before she could make it into the hallway, I slammed the door in her face. Her moans grew louder and she started beating on the door. I jammed a chair under the handle to keep her in and looked at DJ who had a look of complete terror on her face.

Now with two of these things trapped in offices, we knew we had to do something. We were starving and had no way of defending ourselves.

Pete and I decided to go see what we could find in the rest of the building. I know that there is a Minneapolis Sherriff’s office on the eighth floor of the building. Also, on the first floor of our building has a convenience store and the north building has a small cafeteria. It seemed like the best idea was to go find some sort of weapon on eight first.

Armed only with the umbrella and a couple of metal chair legs, Pete and I entered the stairwell. After they barricaded the door again we started to descend. The only noise that we could hear was the sound of our own footsteps. We passed the ninth floor with out any problem and came to the entrance to the eighth floor.

In dead silence, we slowly opened the door to the eighth floor hallway. The coast was clear, but there was a streak of blood that seemed to trail directly to the entrance of the office. My hands were drenched with sweat and my heart was pounding as we looked through the window into the main office. The streak of red seemed to lead to the middle of the room and end in one massive puddle, but as far as I could tell, we were alone.

Once we passed through the main lobby and entered the first area of offices, we saw the reason for the blood. There was a police officer standing in the middle of the room, his throat was completely torn out. As he started staggering towards us, he tripped and fell to the ground. It looked like his leg was broken. Before he could get back onto his feet, Pete used the metal pipe to take a perfect golf swing to the cop’s face. He didn’t get up again.

We checked the other offices for people, alive or dead, and found none. We did find three .40 Caliber Glock 27 handguns and two 12 Gauge Remington Model 870 Shotguns. We stuffed as many rounds of ammunition into my backpack as could fit.

We also found some canned soup and a few frozen lunches in the refrigerator. Deciding we had enough danger for the day, we started heading back up stairs. With the confidence of a back pack full of ammo and the shotgun in hand I casually walked down the hall back to the stair case and recklessly swung the door open. I was standing less than a foot away from a woman in a green dress.

Her eyes were bloodshot and glossy. She had a large wound on her shoulder that could only be a bite mark and glancing down I noticed was full of maggots. Her skin seemed to be rotting right off of her face. She opened her mouth, which was full of blood and black drool, and lunged at me. Just before her teeth sunk into my neck, her head exploded in a mess of blood and gore.

Pete pumped the shotgun to put a new round in the chamber and laughed as I wiped my face clean of brains.

Once we got back, we ate some of the food we found on the eighth floor. Then went into the office and put down Rhonda and my boss. We were able to get a bit more sleep without the moaning last night. I just got around to posting this after watching what is left of the new this morning. It seems to have spread as far as Chicago.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Chapter 4

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