ZIM Day 2

I didn’t get much sleep last night. We stayed in the office and kept an eye on the news and outside. My boss is still locked in the office. She has been pounding on the door ever since I shoved her in there. It’s weird because you would think she would get tired of it at some point.

The news today says that this is happening all over the city. They are not sure what is really going on, but claim that they are “containing the situation”. Whatever that means. I found a video on the internet showing some of these people attacking a city bus over in uptown. The driver stopped to pick up a woman who was limping pretty badly. When he opened the door she charged into the bus causing the driver to hit the gas and slam into a parked car. After that four or five others clambered into the bus. God only knows if anyone made it out alive.

Whoever shot the video must be somewhere safe though if he or she was able to post it onto the net. If you can read this, send me an email.

Last night was pretty rough. Everyone here is panicked. No one else has tried to get onto the floor, but around midnight we heard screams coming from downstairs. I’m not sure how many of those things are in the building, but it doesn’t sound good. I worry that my boss will make too much noise and attract more of them. From the news they seem to be attracted to any sound or movement.

Rhonda seems to be getting worse; she barely slept last night and was vomiting this morning. She has a terrible fever and the bite on her arm isn’t healing at all.

I’ve been watching the TV and the news sites all day. They are telling people to stay inside and will alert viewers to any new developments. It sounds like they have no idea what they are talking about. It is kind of funny though, they are still showing other programming. I don’t know how long I can stand Seinfeld reruns though.

Looking out the window today, what I saw was like something out of a bad dream. To the south and west the smoke is so thick it looks like night even though it’s only three. The streets are a disaster of car wrecks and abandoned emergency vehicles. The flashing lights mixed with the smoke give the city an eerie glow.

We are going to have to find a way to get some food tomorrow. We can’t live on popcorn and peoples lunches forever. Thankfully, Stephanie broke into Pat’s desk and we were able to have a drink last night. The bottle is almost empty though. Tonight is going to be another long night.

I posted a map of our location down on the bottom. If anyone is near the Grain Exchange, let me know. We will try to find a way to meet.

Hold on, Andrew is calling me into the other room. They are shouting about something.

I’ll be back later.

Chapter 3

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