ZIM Day 4


I received this email yesterday. It’s from some guy, Ben, who is trapped down the street. Hopefully, we can find a way to get to him and help him out soon.

“Lee, Glad to hear that there are more than just us out there that have made it this long. The girls have been looking at the news sites for a notice on what to do next. I finally found your posts so that we know someone else is out there.

We're stuck just down the street from you in a club, Sheiks. It's on 4th St.

We've been stuck since late Thursday night. I think that's when this all started. We got pretty lucky with the guy working the door outside. He got in and bit some of the girls before me and some other guys figured out what was going on.

We had a hard time locking up those that were bit, but we've got them stashed into a bathroom. They make a damn lot of noise too.

Anyway, we're sitting here with a big cooler full of food and plenty to drink for now. How far away are you?

One of the girls is talking about some tunnels or something. I haven't been able to figure it out because she's pretty freaked out.

Gotta go now, we'll be back on soon.”

We are going to have to help Ben soon. We took a vote last night and have decided that the best thing to do is try to get out of the city and head up north. I figure if we can make it to Duluth, we can try to find a boat and try to get out of the area. Dennis has a car in the garage that he thinks we can get out. I have my doubts, but I guess it’s better than nothing. Ben, if you are reading this, we are going to try to pick you up. If you have a vehicle or any ideas let me know.

First, we needed to some how secure a way to access the parking garage. On the seventh and fifth floor of the Grain Exchange there is actually a connecting sky way to the north building. Then on the second floor of the north building, there is an entrance to the garage. It is also connected to two other buildings through the skyways. Since the power is still on we have decided that we will have to go in the evening because the doors to the skyways automatically lock after six. Then, we are going to have to find a way to the car and out of the garage.

Pete, Dennis, Stephanie and I went down to the ninth floor to check out the situation. We quietly moved from office to office to make sure we were alone. Pete would open the door while Dennis and I would stand in front, ready to gun down whatever came out. At the same time, Stephanie would cover our backs with one of the Remingtons. We flinched every time we opened a new door; expecting to be attacked at any moment. After checking floors eight and nine without finding anyone, everyone became more at ease.

Once we checked out the seventh floor, we decided to push some file cabinets in front of the stair cases from the sixth. This way nothing could get up, or at least we would hear them coming. We slowly made our way into the other building.

On the fifth floor there were a few of these things. I saw them through the window before we opened the door. They just kind of wander around when there is no one to attack. They seem to be rotting away. One of them was actually missing an arm. Dennis opened the door and fired three shots from his glock into the closest one’s chest. It stumbled back a few steps, but just kept on lurching forward. I started firing and hit it four or five times with no results. Then on the sixth shot, I hit one square in the face. It dropped like a rock and was still. Dennis and Stephanie followed suit and within seconds all three were dead. Apparently, head shots are the only thing that works.

We made it down to the second floor without too much trouble. There were a few of these ghouls to kill on the way down, but nothing we couldn’t handle. After securing all of the offices and blocking any open staircases, our group made its way back up to our office to wait for dark. I am pretty confident that we can handle these things, as long as there aren’t too many.

I checked the news again before writing this. It seems like most of the Midwest has been affected. The local news stations are no longer reporting. I think it is mostly coming from New York. They seem pretty calm about it and gave out different locations across the area for survivors to go. It looks like the Metrodome here in downtown is one of them. I’m not sure if we should try this or just get out of town.

I have also added an interactive map with the Metrodome, Ben’s location and my own location.

I am worried about tonight. I found a Blackberry here in the office and have a laptop. I have a few extra batteries here, just in case. I should be able to keep up with this post for weeks before I need to recharge.

Wish us luck.

Chapter 5

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