Zombies In Minneapolis Day One

This is my first post, so I’ve got to fill you in on the morning’s events.

My name is Lee and I live in Minneapolis, MN.

It’s Friday, and I woke up as usual at six a.m. and got ready to go to work. I turned on the TV to check the temperature. The news was a bit strange today; they were reporting on some sort of major car accident just west of the city. Apparently, it was causing all sorts of traffic problems. I thought that I was lucky because I live close enough to downtown to walk to work.

I finished breakfast, turned off the TV, and put on my coat, then headed to work. I have about a mile and half walk to work. I have to go about 5 blocks to the Mississippi river, then about 5 more to my office. I work in the Grain Exchange in downtown Minneapolis.

On the way to work was when I first noticed that things were a bit strange. I could hear sirens in the distance, but it sounded like too many to just be an accident. It sounded like the noise was coming from the north even though the major pile up was supposed to be on the west side of downtown.

I usually get to work by 7 a.m., so there aren’t usually a lot of people around. Today it seemed strange; there weren’t very many people, but the few that were out appeared to be lost or something. At 7 am I don’t pay much attention to anything, so I just headed into work as usual.
As the elevator door opened to the tenth floor where I worked, I noticed that all of the lights in the office were on. On most days, I am the first or second person here and usually am the one to turn them on.

I walked over to my desk and noticed that my bosses’ computer was on. She normally doesn’t come in until eight, but I figured that she must have had some special project to work on.

While making coffee in the break room, I found myself staring at some strange light in the distance. (The sun wasn’t quite up yet, but this was coming from the west, not east) It kind of looked like a fire. Also, it sounded like there were more sirens or something.

I was startled by a loud crash from the other end of the office. As I rounded the corner I saw something that was shocking and strangely funny at the same time. My boss was crouched on the floor eating some kind of raw meat. She is a vegetarian so this was kind of funny. But then, I saw what she was eating…it was the CEO of the company. Once she noticed me, she got up and started shuffling towards me. There was no recognition in her eyes and she was soaked in blood. Naturally I dodged and shoved her into one of the offices.

After I locked the door, I turned to see Stephanie, from MIS, running down the hallway. Behind her I saw a disheveled looking Wayne. At first I kind of laughed. (Wayne is pretty creepy to begin with and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in the first place) I followed Stephanie down the hall. As he lunged at me, I grabbed an umbrella from behind one of the other desks and hit him. He kept coming no matter how hard I swung. Finally he lunged again and fell onto the sharp end of the umbrella. It went right through his eye and he dropped to the ground lifeless.

As I caught my breath, we walked around to the other side by the elevator. Neither one of us knew what do say or do, but just then the elevator dinged. Someone just got to the floor. I was ready with the umbrella and Stephanie with her mace or something.

As the door opened we cringed.

We were standing face to face with Pete, Andrew, DJ, Dennis, the other Stefanie, and Rhonda. They appeared to be normal, except Rhonda who was bleeding pretty badly.

We got her cleaned up, but she seems sick or something. I guess she was bitten by another wacko. We were able to push filing cabinets in front of the elevators and doors to the stair way. I turned on the news and it looks like there are reports of attacks all over the city. They say not to go outside or trust anyone who looks sick or hurt. This looks bad and I’ve seen enough movies to know we might be in trouble.

The phones are dead, but the internet works. Weird. So I turned on my computer and posted this to see if I can find some help.

Will update you later.

Chapter 2

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