ZIM Day 59

Stephanie said something that I couldn’t quite make out over the commotion. I turned to see her loading her gun.

“What are you doing?”

She looked at me, “That’s enough, we have to stop this. We can’t kill all of these people.”

She took off running toward the battle. I chased after her with Rory right on my heels. She ran toward what was left of the living and the dead, firing all the way. She was taking out anything in her way. She sprinted into the crowd and started blowing the dead away. I willed the dead not to attack her. She kept going though. I followed through the battle. It was hard to make out who was living and who was dead, but they mostly ignored us. I just barely escaped being shot by a soldier. I turned and watched him get stabbed in the back by one of my warriors.

I saw Stephanie dodge past a group of the dead and kill another few. We were in the midst of a war zone. I kept up with her though. I turned to look back at Rory, but I couldn’t see him in the smoke. I turned back and saw Stephanie killing another corpse. I told the dead to stop fighting and they stood motionless. The living kept firing though and it would only be a matter of minutes before I was hit. I could still make out where Stephanie was running.

I followed her into the crowd. The living must have realized that the dead had stopped because the firing went on. Then there was the explosion. I was engulfed in smoke and went toppling over through the mess. I crashed to the ground and lost one of the swords. It clattered about twenty feet across the ground. As the smoke cleared, I knew that there was no one controlling the dead. They attacked the living again without their w

I looked ahead and saw Stephanie lying on the ground next to the sword. I sprinted through the crowd to help her. I came up to see that she’d been shot in the chest. There was blood everywhere. One of the dead attacked me and I sliced its head off. I came up to Stephanie and checked to see how badly she was hurt. It was too late. She lost too much blood. She was dead. I reached for the sword on the ground and she sat up. She tried to bite me, but I dodged her teeth. I quickly grabbed the other sword and retook control of the dead.

She was one of them now. I pulled out my pistol and aimed at her. She just stood there staring blankly at me. Blood was dripping out of her mouth as she watched me raise the weapon to her head. I shot her and turned away.

The battle went on, but I was growing sick of everything. I walked back out of the crowd to see Rory. He was standing on top of a truck, trying to stay away from the dead. The dead kept attacking the living. It was close to an hour later when I finally heard the last gunshot. It wouldn’t be long now. It was a few moments later when I noticed that the dead had stopped fighting. There must not have been anyone left to kill.

I waited a bit longer to make sure that there was no one left alive to set off the bomb. Then I sat down on the car next to Rory. I just looked at the dude. He was just sitting there. No expression, nothing on his face. Just staring off into the distance.

He laughed, “Guess now’s as good a time as any.”

He pulled a flask from his jacket and handed it to me. I took a long sip and handed back. He did the same.

I just stared at the dead. Then it happened again, everything flashed white and I wasn’t sitting on the car anymore.

Chapter 60

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