ZIM Day 58

The dead shambled forward one by one as the soldiers started firing. They moved as one, constantly dragging themselves forward. They didn’t flinch when fired upon. When one went down, another took its place. It was a giant moving wall of death. Their rotting corpses would split apart as they were mowed down by gunfire. They never stopped though. They never showed fear or hesitation. The mass of dead just kept marching into battle.

They were being blown apart like crazy as they stumbled along. The soldiers were putting up a good fight, but the dead would never stop. They would attack until every one of them was dead for good. Or until there were no soldiers left alive. The mass of dead quickly closed on the men with guns.

They came as fast as they could force their bodies forward. At first they hit the line one by one. These first ones were easily put down. Then more and more caught up with the first ones. Soon enough, they were attacking the living in full force. I willed them to swing their weapons, attacking the living like a group of ancient warriors. The living must have been bewildered as they were attacked by these creatures. Surely, they had never seen a corpse wield a sword.

The dead tore through the front line of the soldiers, killing every one in their path. The living kept fighting even though they were being torn apart one by one. We moved closer so we could see what was going on better. The dead were still being shot up quickly. I wondered if there was any chance of winning. This was the biggest group of living people I’d seen since the outbreak.

The battle raged on. I could see dead people swinging their swords, cutting the living apart. The soldiers fought back, constantly firing into the crowd of the dead. I could see some of them run out of ammo and charge into crowds of dead ready to fight them with their bare hands. These poor souls never had a chance.

I moved even closer. I could see Ben swinging his giant axe like a madman. I knew he wasn’t really alive, but it was comforting to see a friend. I watched as he caught a man with a rifle in the stomach. He sliced the man in half and just turned to attack another. There was no remorse, no guilt, no feeling in these things. They just attacked like I told them to. It was exhilarating to fight an entire army at once. All I had to do was think of what they should do and they did it.

The fighting continued. I could see Steffanie and Jeff tearing through a group of soldiers who had apparently run out of bullets. They ripped them apart like it was nothing. I could see the dead tearing the living apart limb from limb. I tried to make sure that they didn’t spend time eating any of the living. That would just mean less of them to actually fight.

It was almost funny to watch the soldiers go down after being killed and get up a few moments later and attack their comrades. For every corpse that was killed, another was created from the group of soldiers. I watched as the dead fought their way through the living. They were doing a good job. It was almost scary how much I enjoyed this.

I watched these ancient warriors stab and slice away at the dwindling army of the living. I turned to see Stephanie and Rory watching too. I couldn’t tell what they were thinking. They just stared in horror as the battle went on. Rory stood with his weapon, ready for anything. Stephanie had given up on her rifle. She looked pretty bad. She just leaned against a car and stared into the distance.

I could hear the sound of steel on steel droning out the gunfire. There were fewer and fewer shots fired every second. I blankly surveyed the scene through the smoke. The dead were winning.

Chapter 59

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