ZIM Day 56

I ran to the edge of the building. I didn’t know if this would work, but I yelled as loud as I could out into the night air. I called all of the dead. I told them to head to the IDS tower. We needed all of the dead that were left. I needed an army to stop the living.

I went back to Rory and Stephanie. “You guys got any ammo left? We’re gonna need everything to stop these guys. I really doubt they’ll just stop if I ask them. Even if I have an army of dead with me.”

Stephanie looked up, “I’ve got about fifty rounds for the sniper rifle left.”

Rory spoke up too, “I have a few clips left for my gun down in the truck.”

“It’ll have to do”

We hurried down the stairs. I was telling the dead the whole time to arm themselves with the weapons from upstairs. We came to the lobby to find Ben, Steffanie, and Jeff milling about with the other dead. Ben had a huge axe in his hands and a huge medieval helmet on his head. Jeff and Steffanie had swords and helmets of their own. The helmets made sense since only a head shot could take them out.

I went out the front door and couldn’t believe my eyes. The dead were picking up the weapons all up and down the street. The others were passing them out as quickly as they could. After just a few minutes they were all armed. They just stood there staring at me. It was a weird sight. An army of dead from the dark ages. I chuckled. I guess I did have the same sense of humor as my other self.

“Rory, lead the way. You know where the bomb is right?”

He looked around at the dead and answered, “Right this way.”

We followed him down the street. It was odd to walk around without worrying about the dead. They were everywhere, but none of them attacked. They just followed any order I gave them. We led them down the street toward the bomb.

I came up beside Stephanie, “I’ll bet you never thought we’d be doing this.”

She laughed, but looked sad, “I still can’t believe were leading an army of the dead. Just make sure you don’t let me turn into one of those things.”


She looked over and was crying. She showed me her arm. It was scratched. Nothing too bad, but it wasn’t healing.

She said, “When BW landed on me. He scratched my arm. I can feel it already. I don’t know how much longer I’ve got. Just make sure you shoot me in the head.”

“You’ll be fine, it’s just a scratch.”

She laughed and hoisted the rifle onto her shoulder.

Chapter 57

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