ZIM Day 55

Stephanie looked up at us, “Lee, you can stop them. You can control them with the swords like he did too, right? You can control the dead. There’s no reason for them to set off a bomb. We’ve gotta get to it as soon as we can.”

“I don’t know how to. Did he do anything special with these things?”

I looked down at them and drew them both at once. I went downstairs to where the dead were waiting. They didn’t do anything, just looked at me. I waved the swords at them, nothing happened.

“Do something!”

They just stood there.

“Sit down!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. They all dropped to the ground at once.

“Hahaha, stand up!”

They all got up again.

“Hey guys come check this out.”

Stephanie and Rory came downstairs and looked in.

“Wave at Stephanie!”

They all waved in unison. This was great.

“Rory, look around. See if there are any guns or anything. We’ll need whatever we can. I don’t know how much I can do with these things.”

He ran back upstairs. I played around with the swords some more. It was almost fun. Except for the whole dead people thing. I was able to make them do all sorts of stuff. I had one dancing while another was trying to juggle with his rotted arms. I didn’t know if this would work against the ARMY, but it was worth a try.

Rory came running down the stairs a few minutes later, “You guys gotta see this. This guy was planning for a fuckin war.”

We went back upstairs. Rory led us to another room and switched on the light. There were crates upon crates stacked in the giant room. He had one thrown open. It was stuffed to the brim with all sorts of weapons. There weren’t any guns, but tons of swords, axes, knives, armor, and every type of medieval weaponry.

“What the hell was this guy thinking? I guess the dead probably can’t shoot guns very well. Let’s get this stuff downstairs.”

Stephanie looked exhausted, “How the hell are we going to do that? This stuff must weigh a ton.”

“Don’t worry; we’ll have our new friends here carry it for us.”

I shouted at the dead downstairs, “Hey! Start carrying this downstairs.”

They obeyed. They moved like a machine. They created an assembly line of death, moving each of the crates out of the room and down the stairs.

Rory came up while we watched, “I think we have another problem guys. The reinforcements just showed up.”

He handed me a pair of binoculars and I looked off in the distance. They were coming up the river, in long rows of boats. There were others marching alongside the banks of the river. There were thousands of them. The reinforcements had in fact shown up.

Chapter 56

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