ZIM Day 51

The gun clicked. I tried again. Nothing. The fucking gun was empty. What the hell was Osiris thinking? I threw the empty gun at him. He dodged and I charged him. I crashed into his chest and shoved him down. He rolled a few feet and stopped moving.

I could see the others on the screen. They were firing frantically at the now wild dead. I knew they wouldn’t last long down there. I could see Ben blasting away with his giant machine gun. He was tearing through them like crazy, but there were too many. Steffanie was firing into the crowd and just that second fired a grenade. The screen went dark with smoke.

I had to get the swords. I dashed over to the one that Chuck had kicked away. I quickly picked it up and turned back to where my other self went down. He was gone. I searched the room for a sign of him, but didn’t see anything. Where did he go?

I glanced back at the screens. The smoke had cleared and I could see Jeff unloading into a couple of corpses. He was screaming something that didn’t make any sense. Ben and Steffanie were firing too. Jeff ran out of ammo for one of his guns and chucked it at one of the dead. He kept firing with the other and charged into the crowd. I could still hear him screaming as they closed in on him. The others were firing and telling him to stop, but he just disappeared into the crowd. There’s no way he could have survived it.

I had to find him. I glanced around again, but couldn’t see him. I heard him chuckle to my left and turned, but he was gone before I could attack.

“Behind you!” Stephanie yelled.

I turned and he lunged at me with his sword. I dodged and he disappeared back into the shadows. I quickly glanced back at the screen. Steffanie was firing wildly in the chaos. I saw as one of the dead made it through her attacks. The rotting man lunged and his jaw closed down around her neck. I saw blood spurt out as my other self attacked again.

I dodged this time and shoved him to the other side of the room. He tripped and fell. I looked at the screen again to see Ben standing alone, firing into the dead. They inched closer and closer. Then I heard his gun click empty. He started swinging it around like a club. Then something pulled him down from below. The dead piled on top of him in an instant.

“Watch out!” Stephanie yelled this time.”

I looked up to see him standing there right in front of me. He smiled and pointed something at me. It must have been a gun because I heard it fire a second later. I expected to be hit in the chest with a bullet, but it didn’t happen. I was shot with some kind of tranquilizer dart. I quickly pulled it out and threw it to the side. It couldn’t have been in long enough to have any effect.

This time he didn’t run away. He just stood there and drew his sword. I drew mine as well and stared him square in the eye.

He charged at me.

Chapter 52

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