ZIM Day 14

Last night, we came up with a plan on how to get to the Carlyle building. Chuck, Ben, and I went through the skyway into the parking garage next door. There weren’t too many dead in there and they were easy to get past with all of our newfound weapons. In the garage we found two heavy duty 4x4 pickup trucks. These things are big and with the right reinforcement, could get us through a large group of these things. We were able to put makeshift bars on all of the windows and rails along the sides to keep them away from the tires. We also cut an opening in the top of each and attached a temporary door over it so we could get in and out from above.

The trucks won’t keep the dead out forever, but as long as we keep moving it should be ok. The plan was to have one group go in the first truck and head away from our destination. Hopefully, it will be enough of a decoy to draw most of the crowd away from the Carlyle. Then the second truck should be able to get to the building without much resistance.

We divided into two groups. Ben, Jeff, and Steffanie were going to go in the first truck. Ben was going to drive while Jeff and Steffanie fired their weapons out of the makeshift sunroof. BW, Chuck, Stephanie, and I were going to take the second truck to the first ‘Point of Interest’. Ben was going to cruise around town, hopefully having the dead follow until we were back in the garage.

We left first thing this morning. Ben’s truck went out of the garage and plunged into a good sized crowd of ghouls. They were crushed under the weight of the truck. It was slow going, but they pushed their way through the crowd. The dead were furiously attacking the truck, but the reinforcements seemed to hold. The best part was that they were actually following his truck. Ben went around the corner and they kept after him. The noise of the truck seemed to draw them after it.

We waited about five minutes before we pulled out. Our truck didn’t have much problem getting through the dead. There were still a lot left, but nothing we couldn’t handle. We carefully made our way through the streets in the direction of the Carlyle. I’ve added our routes to the map so you can see how it went.

When we took a right on 3rd avenue, I saw that this wasn’t going to be easy. There was a mass of dead people slowly making their way across the bridge. They were coming across the river in the hundreds. We killed off the few around the car and pulled up right next to the door to the building. The four of us scrambled out of the truck, trying to get into the building before the dead got to us. The door was locked of course. Chuck kicked through the glass door and BW pulled the truck around to block the door. Just as he wedged it against the building, a swarm of corpses showed up and started clawing at the truck.

There was nobody in the lobby, but we climbed the stairs to the second floor just to be sure. Once the second floor was clear, I radioed Ben. No answer. I tried again, but had no luck. Just as I was about to put the radio back in my pack, I saw a huge explosion come from the south. Fire and smoke shot up in the air from just a few blocks away.

Just then the radio beeped. It was Ben.

“Um, guys, I think we might have a problem here.”

Chapter 15

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