ZIM Day 13

They started pounding on the door. Trying to get in. The noise was deafening. I could hear their moaning in between bangs. It was like some horrible nightmare. Someone hit the button for the second floor. The elevator started to go up, leaving the persistent corpses below. The elevator stopped on the first floor. We must have hit the wrong button. As the doors opened, a crowd of them turned to see us. They came slowly, but it seemed as if they were sprinting.

Someone frantically started pushing the ‘close door’ button. We fired fruitlessly into the crowd. They kept coming. In the close quarters of the elevator it was hard to get off a good shot. The elevator dinged. Just as the doors closed one of them fell and reached its hand in. The door opened back up again. Ben kicked the thing back and we kept firing. Steffanie fired a grenade onto the first floor just before the doors slid shut. I could hear the body parts and shrapnel slam into the metal doors. A second earlier and we would have all been dead.

Our metal box began to rise again. This time it stopped on the second floor. There were three of them on our right and five on the left. We had to go left to get back to the skyway. I blew one of their heads off with my new weapon. The thing had quite a kick to it. BW took out the three on our right. Chuck kicked one to the ground and stomped its head. Stephanie fired and stopped another in its tracks. Ben, who seemed to be enjoying himself, stepped up between the last two of them. Put one of his shotguns to each of their heads and blew them to pieces.

Just then, the door to the stairwell burst open. There were about fifteen of them pushing their way through on our right. We took off running back toward the sky bridge. Chuck smashed another ones skull and we got into the corridor. After we crossed the street through the skyway, BW wretched the grenade launcher out of Steffanie’s hands and fired three shots into the corridor. The bridge snapped and fell to the street, crashing into a crowd of ghouls below.

Back in my old office, we made sure that nobody was bitten or hurt. I checked on Andrew and the girls. As everyone settled down, I poured myself a stiff drink and another for Ben. A few minutes later, Stephanie came in saying that she had something to show us on the roof. Everybody was asleep already, so Ben and I headed upstairs.

I looked out from the building and could see that the dead weren’t just surrounding our building. They were covering the majority of the city. We must be the only people left alive here. They all seemed to just stand there. I guess they don’t have much else to do if there is no one to chase down and kill. It was strange how peaceful it seemed up here. No noise of traffic, people, sirens, or any of the other sounds of the city. I could almost hear the river winding its way down stream. It was quiet and beautiful. Then I remembered what was on the ground and shivered a little in the cool breeze.

I was lost in thought when I heard a strange sound. A familiar rumble was coming from the north. It sounded like an engine. I squinted and saw them coming. Helicopters, a whole group of helicopters flying towards us. They looked to be military, but I didn’t care. They could help us. We started jumping up and down, waving and screaming wildly. The helicopters passed over us and just kept going south. More came, but they just followed the others away from us. We were shooting into the air and waving anything that we could, but none of them stopped. Just then Chuck walked up behind me.

“That won’t help, they’re not going to help us.”

Chapter 14

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