ZIM Day 53

I went down fast, but was up just as fast. I couldn’t put much weight on my hurt leg. I gripped my sword and stared him down. I could feel the rage building in me as he stood there laughing. I wanted to kill him.

I came at him as fast as I could limp. He jabbed at my face with his blade. I dodged left and swung low on him. I sliced into his leg, but he didn’t seem to notice. I stabbed at him again and missed. I stepped right and just missed being cut in half. He came at me faster now. I couldn’t keep up. He swung again and missed my throat by an inch.

I spun out of the way and cut his arm off. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the one holding the sword. He chuckled and kicked his arm to the side. Then he charged again. I dodged and our swords clashed again. I blocked and countered as fast as I could. He easily blocked it and shoved me to the side.

“I’ve beaten you. You can barely stand up straight. We need to get you fixed up soon or you’ll bleed to death.”

I stumbled back. He was right. I was losing too much blood. I couldn’t stand very well and felt like I was about to pass out. I bumped into a desk. Leaning on I looked at him. He looked overjoyed. I was pissed. I raised my sword to attack, but my arms were weak. I watched in horror as it slipped from my grasp. It clattered to the ground at my feet and I couldn’t help it. I sat down on the chair by the desk. My breathing was rushed. I couldn’t think straight.

He came walking over. He had a torn piece of cloth in his hand.

“Now let’s get you bandaged up before you die. I’ve got shit to do tonight.”

He stood in front of me and reached for my wounded leg.

I looked at him and spoke, “Ya know you’re right. We are the same. I’m just as much of an asshole as you are.”

He looked up and I kicked him in both knees as hard as I could. I could hear his bones crunch inside his legs. He dropped to the ground. I stood up and picked up my sword.

“That’s the shitty thing about being dead. You’re rotting away. And your bones are brittle.”

He looked up at me from the ground and screamed, “It’s not over! I’ll still beat you!”

I swung the sword and sliced clear though his neck. His head dropped to the ground at my feet. Black blood oozed out his neck. I picked up his sword and sat down in the chair. I could feel the blood draining from my leg and started to feel dizzy.

Sitting there, staring out at the rain, I started to laugh. I’d won.

Chapter 54

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