ZIM Day 46

“Who, who are you?”

He smiled as he looked me up and down, “I knew that they would kill me as soon as they knew that it wouldn’t work. So I created something else. Something much better than some pesky robots. I created you. You are essentially me before everything happened. You are something of a clone I guess, but more than that. You are me and I am you. You have no recollection of anything related to the project. That was the idea, you couldn’t know. I always knew there was more potential behind the machines I created than they thought. You are part me and part the machines. Everything you knew didn’t exist.

I need you to control them. Well, I had to be more careful than that. I came up with an ingenious way to control the dead. They would never be able figure it out. His sword, please.”

Osiris pulled the sword from my belt. He tossed it across the room and the man caught it. I just stared in disbelief. I couldn’t really do anything with the gun pressed against my neck.

He started to talk again, “I created the machines so that only I, or you, or us, I guess, could control them. I made sure that they couldn’t get to you though. We needed the sword to completely control them. Actually there are two of them.”

He pulled out a matching sword and held them together. “We needed both to really control it. I didn’t expect it to take so long, but then the whole plan went to hell. Osiris here wasn’t supposed to spread the outbreak so fast. But what can ya do?”

“Why me? Why didn’t you just use the swords?”

He laughed, “Do you think I like being dead? Do you think I like watching my fucking body rot away? I needed you. I needed a living body to continue my work. I am you. And you are me. The whole reason you were created was so I could do this.”

“Do what? What the hell are you going to do? Everybody’s dead. What the hell does it matter anymore?”

He looked down quietly, “Not everyone. Yeah, the outbreak has reached most of the world, but there are still survivors. There will always be survivors. Just think, if someone had the power to control the dead, to stop this, wouldn’t he be a hero? Wouldn’t he be able to save the world? And if you can save the world, you can control it. With the dead, I can save this world, or I can destroy it. Don’t you see the possibilities? I could rebuild it however I wanted. I can control it.”

“You’re insane, don’t you see what you did? You kill most of the world, but then expect to control it. What’s the point? I’ll never help you to do this.”

“Actually, I’m pretty sure I am insane. That’s the fun part. The question isn’t whether or not you’ll help me, but how hard you fight it. Let me ask you a question. Would you rather do this the easy way or the hard way? Oh, and, how do you feel about watching your friends die?”

Osiris shoved me forward. He pulled at his beard and hair, removing a wig. It was the man from my visions, the man in the black suit. They showed me to a monitor. It was full of smaller views of the building. The dead were holding the others in the lobby. They were ready to kill them, but didn’t. My other half was controlling the dead.


Chapter 47

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