ZIM Day 40

I blinked and was back in the surplus store basement. Everyone was looking at me with confusion. I felt like I’d been gone for hours, but it must have only been a split second. The group just continued talking like normal once I sheathed the blade and attached it to my belt. I grabbed a couple of handguns and threw as much ammo into my bag. We were planning our next move when there was a crash upstairs. It sounded like breaking glass and there was a scream. The other stripper wasn’t with us in the basement.

We hurried up the stairs as fast as possible to see what was going on. At first it looked like there was nothing wrong, except that the girl was nowhere in sight. She must have gone out the front door because it was wide open. There were bloody footprints leading away from the building. The few dead outside were milling about the streets. I turned the corner to see her limping away. There were four or five corpses heading in her direction.

The group ran in her direction. I shot one of them and somebody shot another. One of the dead lunged and was on her a second later. Stephanie took its head off with the sniper rifle. We were almost there when I saw another one grab her from behind. What used to be a man dragged her to the ground and clawed at her back. Its head was taken off a second later.

I reached her first and pulled the body off of her. She was face down whimpering. I could see already that she wouldn’t last long. The girl went limp and I rolled her over. She was dead. A second later, she started clawing wildly at my legs. I reached for my weapon, but stumbled backward over a broken street sign. She caught my leg with her left hand and sent me tumbling to the ground. The dead girl crawled over and got ready to sink her teeth into my arm.

I froze. I didn’t grab my gun or blade. I just watched as she reached for me with her gaping jaws. I struggled to get the sword out. Then she stopped. She just sat there staring at me with her lifeless eyes. A moment later, her head exploded. Stephanie must have sniped her.

I just sat there on the concrete, not knowing what to do next. Why didn’t she kill me? The others ran up to make sure I was ok. I assured them that I was totally fine. I got to my feet and brushed myself off. A few of the dead were heading in our direction and we took them out quickly. I was just about to ask the others what we were going to do next when I heard a weird noise.

There was an odd whistling noise, then an explosion in the building to my right. Then another about a block down the street. Then another and another. The place was being hit with these strange bombs like crazy. We didn’t stick around long. They were crashing all around us now. We ran down the street and turned into an alley for cover. The explosions continued.

“What the hell was that?”

BW just looked and me and said, “Mortar fire.”

Chapter 41

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