ZIM Day 30

“How in the hell did you make it out of there? I thought you were as good as dead Jeff.”

Jeff just laughed, “Well, I was just about dead.

They had me and Andrew cornered down there in the basement. They kept coming no matter how many we killed. They started piling up in the hall, but were climbing over each other to get a bite of us. We blasted the shit out of those things like there was no tomorrow. I figured there wouldn’t be.

Andrew ran out of ammo first and just lost it. He picked up his rifle and started beating the shit out of them. I told him to get his ass back and figure a way out, but he was gone. He smashed them to pieces, but there were too many of them. One of the ones we thought were dead grabbed his ankle, throwing him off balance. Then another one grabbed him from above and others rushed him. They were on top of him, biting him all over. Then, out of nowhere, he threw them off. He smashed another few skulls and started fighting them with his bare hands.

I knew it was bad news because he was bitten up pretty badly. He just kept going. That fucker must have taken out about ten with his bare hands. I didn’t know what to do, but then he just threw two to the ground and ran off down the hallway. Yelling at me to follow. There were no ghouls that way so I did. He turned and went into a door. It was the stairway up. I would have never known it was there if it wasn’t for him. The poor guy told me I had to go alone and I knew it was true. He was bleeding all over.

Then he asked me to do the hardest fucking thing I’ve ever had to do. He told me to do him in. Man that was hard. I couldn’t find it in me to blow away the guy who just saved my ass, but I knew it had to be done. He wasn’t gone yet though. We went up on the roof and I poured a couple of drinks. He downed about half of it before he dropped the glass. I sat and waited. I just couldn’t kill a living person, ya know? I waited till he stopped breathing, and then put one square in his head. Poor bastard. I burned the body up here on the roof. Figured if I couldn’t bury him that was the next best thing. Like a Viking funeral or something.

But what can ya do? This world’s gone to hell, I guess we gotta go with it…”

I didn’t know what to say; just sat down and poured myself a glass of the Captain. The others followed suit and we made a sorrowful toast in Andrew’s honor.

The Jeff looked up again, “So who’s this ugly mo fo?”

“I’m Osiris, I’m the guy that’s gonna show you what to do next. I’m going to get us out of this mess.”

The others went to bed one by one shortly after that. It was still light out, but we were dead. I stayed up till dark watching the building down the street smolder in early evening. I kept running Jeff’s story over and over in my head. It’s crazy that we are here doing this. I wonder why we are still here fighting these things. Why aren’t we dead like the rest of em? I guess it’s like Jeff says, ‘What can ya do? This world’s gone to hell, I guess we gotta go with it.’

I watched the orange flames rise into the smoke as my eyes drooped. Just as the blackness of sleep washed over I heard a faint sound.

A faint laughter somewhere far away.

Chapter 31

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