ZIM Day 24

The whole thing unfolded in what seemed like slow motion. I drew both of my guns and fired; taking out the closest corpse. Its head exploded in a cloud of brain matter and skull. It dropped to the ground, but was followed by another. I fired again and again, taking them out left and right. They kept coming closer. The smell of decaying flesh clogged my nostrils. In the dark room I could see more of them coming, but then Ben, Stephanie, and BW appeared at my sides.

They followed suit and began to take out the dead one by one. Stephanie let out a fully automatic rain of bullets into the heads of the approaching monsters. They were falling down in heaps of mangled body parts in front of us. BW kept his composure and accuracy with his revolvers as usual. Ben came around my right and blew the head clean off of one that was about to tear into Stephanie’s ankle. Chuck, Steffanie and the other girls were firing behind us, trying to keep the other horde of corpses off of our backs.

We tore our way through the dead inch by inch through the darkness. With each second I was sure they would break through and eat us all. Somehow we held strong and dispatched each one as it came. I kept firing, trying to make every shot count. With every corpse that went down there were two to take its place. There were more and more every second. They were climbing over each other’s bodies to get a taste of us.

We kept moving forward. Now the entire group joined in the slow, but steady, march through the dead. The eight of us were standing shoulder to shoulder, blasting our way through the crowd. Half of us would fire while the others reloaded. After what seemed like hours, we made it to the second section of the tunnel. There were more there. They just seemed to keep on coming. Our weapons kept unleashing round after round into the onslaught.

While reloading, I turned to Chuck fall behind us. I went to pull him along, but he shoved me away. He picked up one of the dead and was throwing it on top of another. Then he picked up another and did the same thing again and again. He was building a wall to keep out the others. I quickly joined in and we piled them up as more came from behind. They were clawing at the mound of bodies, but couldn’t get over them. After a few minutes, we piled them to the ceiling. There was a wall of corpses blocking out the approaching ones.

I turned back around to see that the others had made it about twenty more feet down the tunnel. Quickly, Chuck and I rejoined them. I drew my pistols again and started firing. The group kept on inching forward, constantly blasting a path through the tunnel. We were about twenty feet away from the entrance to the tunnel when Stephanie asked me if I had any ammo for her. I shook my head and she asked Chuck. He gave the same response.

Ben went dry next. They both stayed behind us while we continued on. We were about fifteen feet when Steffanie’s weapon clicked empty. The others fell behind as each, in turn, ran out of bullets. BW, Chuck, and I kept moving forward. We were only ten feet from the entrance to the government building. I reached into my pack as my first gun clicked over and over again while firing. It was empty. I put it in its holster. I had only a few rounds left in the other. I looked at Chuck as he slung his empty rifle over his shoulder. He just grinned and turned back to face the crowd. BW somehow still had ammo. I don’t know where he even carried the endless supply of bullets. We were five feet from the door.

Chuck grinned and shouted something at me over the moaning of the dead. I’m not sure what he said, but I laughed and turned back to face the crowd. I could see one of the dead. Its face was torn halfway off and seemed to focus its hungry eyes on me. Instinctively, I reached down and grasped the cool handle of my blade.

Chapter 25

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